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Moderate to deep stains on your teeth often cannot be removed by the dental whitening products sold in stores. In many cases, your dentist, Dr. Cauleen Stepp, will need to administer a dental bleaching treatment to fully brighten your smile. You can then use a whitening toothpaste to remove new surface stains before they have a chance to set into the tooth enamel.

The concentration of whitening agents in whitening toothpaste are only strong enough to whiten minor surface stains. This is more of a preventative measure than an effective measure to reverse moderate or deeply stained tooth enamel. For stains of this depth, you will likely need another professional bleaching treatment.

When you’re shopping for whitening toothpaste in Bellaire, Texas, you should only consider purchasing a brand that has earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This means that the whitening toothpaste in question has been reviewed, tested, and researched to meet rigorous guidelines for use in a daily oral hygiene routine.

If you have a badly stained smile, you should call Stepp Family Dentistry at 713-520-8400 to schedule a dental bleaching treatment in Bellaire, Texas. We look forward to helping you have the white and winning smile you deserve!