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Oral care is very important if you’re interested in protecting your oral—or overall—health. Unfortunately, there are many dental myths that are widely accepted by the general public, which could lead to complications. To help you avoid some of these issues, our team is happy to reveal the truth behind these rumors.

There is another common belief that if you don’t have any cavities, you have no oral problems. Sadly, other issues can occur even without cavities. Granted, cavities are indicators of tooth decay and damage, which shouldn’t be ignored. For example, gum disease and tartar build up can happen whether you have cavities or not, and you should still remember to visit your dentist. However, please remember that most gum disease and tooth decay can be avoided with proper oral care.

Similarly, you may have heard that children get more cavities than adults do. In reality, in recent years, the number of cavities found in children has been reduced nearly 50%. However, children and adults are equally likely to get cavities if they don’t care for their mouths recently. Still. in recent years, cavities in senior citizens has been on the rise because their medication tends to dry out their mouths, leaving them more susceptible to decay.

Finally, have you ever been told that baby teeth aren’t important? Some parents think that because a baby’s tooth is going to fall out eventually there isn’t any reason to help their child care for their baby teeth. In reality, the roots of baby teeth help form adult teeth and hold a place for your adult teeth to occupy.

If you have any questions or concerns having to do with oral care we are happy to help. Our dentist, Dr. Cauleen Stepp, and our team will do everything we can to help. Just call Stepp Family Dentistry at 713-520-8400! We’re excited to hear from you.