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Every holiday seems tricky when it comes to avoiding sugary sweets — especially Halloween! With all of the sugary snacks lurking around it’s easy to feel spooked when it comes to enjoying your favorite treats. This October, don’t let sugar spook you away; enjoy the season by using these tips to keep up with your oral care while indulging yourself this Halloween season:

•Brush your teeth at least twice a day
•Floss each day to remove anything stuck between your teeth
•Keep up with your regular, twice-a-year visits at your dental office

During your dental visit, your dentist will also check for gum disease. Checking for gum disease is an important part of your dental checkups. Your dentist will check for any signs and will provide any necessary treatment to keep your smile healthy.

Spook away your cavities that are trying to haunt your treat-filled season by calling us and scheduling your next dental cleaning. Keep up with your oral care this holiday season so you can go back to enjoying all of the treats this holiday has to offer.